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Introduction to HTML

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Downloading visual studio code

Download visual studio code, it's an opensource and free code editor by Microsoft. You use this link.

Writing your first HTML file

Every website is a folder with a files in it. The first entry point is usually called index.html.

  • Create a Folder called website or call it anything you want.
  • Drag the folder into the visual studio code window
  • Click the new file icon
  • hit cmd+s, ctrl+s on windows, to save the file and name it 'index.html'
  • type '!' and hit tab, usually the key with the following . The code editor will generate a basic html page for you

HTML Basics

  • An HTML page is composed of many Tags, an html tag starts with < followed by the name of the tag likehtml then > example <html>
  • every HTML tag ends with a cllosing tag </ the name of the tag and > Example </html>
  • Between and opening and closing html tag you can add other tags like <html> <head></head> </html>
  • You can close an html tag inline, example: <img /> note the /> at the end

HTML main 3 tags

The main 3 html tags are html which represent the document, head which contain information about the page and body which contain the elements that will be shown to the user.

Some HTML tags to momerize

  • h1 to h6 for headings
  • img tag to display and image
  • p for parapraph