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What does it take to get into webdevelopment

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I wanna build a website what do i need to learn ?

To build a website from sratch you don't need to have any special knowledge or education. You can simply go ahead start learning.

Tooling wise you don't need much, a text editor and a web browser.

There are few components that makes up a website. HTML which stand sfor Hypertext markup language and CSS, Cascadinf style sheet.

Think of HTML as the blueprint for your website. You define the page structure.

Using CSS you can style the html element to define the look and feel, like color fonts etc..

What are the applications that i need to have ?

To get a simple website up and running you need a lot of tools, a text editor and a browser are your friends. Code is simply some text so you can edit it in any text editor. The reason we use a special text editor like vs code is that we can code faster with it. It provides syntax coloring and auto complete.

In how much time can i build my first web page ?

We shouldn't stress about time, everyone should learn it their own pace.

Is there any shortcuts that can make coding a webpage easier ?

Yes when working with a lot of code we can come accross pieces of code that get repeated a lot so we package it in what is called library. Those library can do common tasks. Developers are kind enough to share these libraries for free.